Gina, Jerry Lee, and Holly on Limbo Beach, Orkney
Gina, Jerry Lee, and Holly on Limbo Beach, Orkney
Gina Longo Britain Unleashed® Dog-friendly historical travel stories with a cheeky twist™
Gina Longo                                           Britain Unleashed®        Dog-friendly historical travel stories with a cheeky twist™

Britain Unleashed®:

Have Dogs, Will Travel

Story Catalogue

Story #1: Introduction

Chapter 1:  Have Dogs, Will Travel


Story #2: The Tour de GB—Richmond Park

Chapter 1: Geography, Place Names, Hunting & Enclosures, Posh Digs

Chapter 2: Culture and Entertainment

Chapter 3: American Revolution & Crimea

Chapter 4: Boer War

Chapter 5: World War I

Chapter 6: World War II (Part 1)

Chapter 7: World War II (Part 2)

Chapter 8: World War II (Part 3)

Chapter 9: World War II (Part 4)

Chapter 10: World War II (Part 5)

Chapter 11: Cricket, Rugby, and the Olympics

Chapter 12: Just Horsing Around

Chapter 13: Golf... or a Good Walk Spoiled

Chapter 14: Traffic

Chapter 15: Aeronautical Firsts

Chapter 16: Rambling, Dogs, and Beer


Story #3: Do London Like a Local—Crane Park

Chapter 1: The Thames Path

Chapter 2: Crane Park

Chapter 3: More Crane Park

Chapter 4: And Even More Crane Park

Chapter 5: Kneller Gardens and Beyond

Chapter 6: Twickenham


Story #4: Stoneleigh, Nonsuch, and Cheam

Chapter 1: Stoneleigh

Chapter 2: Nonsuch Park and Nonsuch Palace

Chapter 3: Cheam Park

Chapter 4: Nonsuch Mansion, America, and Inspector Lewis


Story #5: Jerry Lee Goes to London

Chapter 1: Mr. Lee Goes to London

Chapter 2: Keep Calm and Jerry On

Chapter 3: The Bridge of Fools

Chapter 4: Portcullis, Tower, and Tube

Chapter 5: The Church, Mr. Raleigh, and GOGGS

Chapter 6: Coins and Quizzes

Chapter 7: Engineers and Steamboats

Chapter 8: St. James's Park (Part 1)

Chapter 9: St. James's Park (Part 2)

Chapter 10: A Black Hole, a Spot of Tea, and a Revolution

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