Gina, Jerry Lee, and Holly on Limbo Beach, Orkney
Gina, Jerry Lee, and Holly on Limbo Beach, Orkney
Britain Unleashed Gina Longo
 Britain         Unleashed         Gina Longo  

In A World

Where The Big Dogs Roam




Tired of all the bad news, sad news, doom and gloom?


Escape to the UK with me, Jerry Lee, and Holly

and see Britain from a cheeky point of view.




  • Have you ever wished you could take off and travel for a few years?
  • Would you love to bring your dog with you on your dream road trip?
  • Do you have a passion for all things British and want to learn more?


If you said yes, then hop up into the Jeep

and come along for the ride...

Captain Gina Yep, that's me... Captain Gina

I'd been an airline pilot in the USA for 10 years when I took a chance and crossed the pond to work as a flight instructor near London.


And then the economy tanked. Belly flopped. Crashed and burned.


I found myself out of a job, living in the house I'd just bought but couldn't afford anymore, with my two very large, very furry German Shepherds who'd just arrived from America.


*Sigh.* Now what was I supposed to do?


I know what—we'll buy a caravan and hit the road! Except my Vauxhall Astra couldn't tow a pony cart, let alone a caravan.


Terrific. Now I have to get a tow car as well. Let's see... what's big enough for the dogs and also has enough get up and go for towing?


I know what—I'll buy a Jeep. Perfect car for the job, right? (Not so much, as it turned out.)


And so I schlepped from London to Leeds on the train... and drove home in The Jeep of Death.


What could possibly go wrong?


Yeah, well, pretty much everything. The first six weeks of what turned into three years on the road were a serious shakedown cruise, and the first book of the Britain Unleashed series is about our adventures as we got the hang of caravan life.


We'd love to have you come along for the ride with us as we travel from London to the northern tip of Britain (hint: Muckle Flugga) while we learn caravanning on the fly, deal with the Jeep's many problems (I couldn't make this stuff up), and take my two rescued shelter dogs to places we'd never have dreamed they'd get to go.


Ready? Then I'll see you on the road!



My new caravan! (And that dratted Jeep....) My new caravan! (And that dratted Jeep....)

The true story of one girl,

her two German Shepherds,

and their three years together

roaming the Great British roads...

Welcome to

Britain Unleashed.

*And my Mom, too, for the first six weeks. Let me just say we were very lucky she was with us!

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See you on the road!

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