Gina, Jerry Lee, and Holly on Limbo Beach, Orkney
Gina, Jerry Lee, and Holly on Limbo Beach, Orkney
Gina Longo Britain Unleashed® Dog-friendly historical travel stories with a cheeky twist™
Gina Longo                                           Britain Unleashed®        Dog-friendly historical travel stories with a cheeky twist™

Special Message for Dog Rescue Groups


Because I adopted both Jerry Lee and Holly, rescue groups and animal shelters are near and dear to my heart.


One of the main things I want Britain Unleashed® to do is to help my beloved German Shepherds leave a legacy not only of travel, but of helping other homeless dogs find love, fun, and adventure just like they did.


If you're affiliated with a German Shepherd rescue, an animal shelter, or a charity that rescues dogs—especially German Shepherds—to train as service animals for military veterans or to donate to police departments, I'd love to give Britain Unleashed® the chance to raise donations for your group, in honour of Holly and Jerry Lee.


To find out more, please e-mail me at and we'll get the ball rolling, ready to go when the book is published.


And from me, Jerry Lee, and Holly—thank you for everything you do for homeless dogs.

Gina hugging Jerry Lee and laughing at something Holly's just done, with Jerry looking annoyed and Holly looking pleased with herself. Me and my beloved rescued German Shepherds, Jerry Lee and Holly
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