Gina, Jerry Lee, and Holly on Limbo Beach, Orkney
Gina, Jerry Lee, and Holly on Limbo Beach, Orkney
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Jerry Lee and Holly in Glencoe, Scotland Jerry Lee and Holly in Glencoe, Scotland

Post #22: Jerry and the XX St. James's Park (Part III)

Dated 31 December 2017


When we last checked in with our Wandering Shepherd on his travels along St. James's Park toward Buckingham Palace, he was taking us by the statue of Robert Clive, 1st Baron Clive of Plassey.


But in order to figure out how Clive of India actually became Clive of India, and then to figure out how this Salopian bad boy helped inspire a revolution heard round the world—which in turn inspired later revolutions, plus a few Broadway musicals thrown in for good measure—we have to backtrack a century and a half or so from when he was playing his war games: to December 31, 1600....


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Post #21: Jerry and the XX St. James's Park (Part II)

Dated 4 December 2017


When we left off in Part I, it was with a rather cryptic partial answer ("India") to the question of how Hawaii, St. James's Park, and the American Revolution are connected to each other. I'll grant you that they're not exactly obvious connections, but if they were obvious connections, I wouldn't bother telling you about them, right?

So to get from India to St. James's Park to Hawaii, let's set our Wayback Machine way back, indeed... I'm talking more than 4000 years ago, to sometime between 2500 and 2000 BCE. (We'll take a shot at the Revolution shortly)....


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Post #20: Jerry and the XX St. James's Park (Part I)

Dated 20 November 2017


With Jerry in the lead, we turned right to head north on Horse Guards Road and walked by a dull-looking tan stone-and-brick building: Storey's Gate Lodge. (Add it to the list of buildings I've been past lots of times without really noticing.)


In this case, though, that's probably a good thing—until recently, this otherwise unremarkable Grade II-listed building was a police station.


Happily, it seems there's not enough crime in the area these days that a police station is needed in St. James's Park, but that wasn't always the case....


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Post #19: Shepherds and Steamboats

Dated 24 October 2017


I'm no architect, but as the three of us passed by One Birdcage Walk—home of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers since May 1899—even my untrained eye could appreciate its decorative brickwork. (Though Jerry would have appreciated it more if there had been actual streaky bacon on offer instead of just the appearance of streaky bacon, I imagine.)


I'm also no kind of engineer, but luckily, I didn't have to be able to design and build jet engines to be able to fly a jet! I'm quite happy that Frank Whittle and Hans von Ohain had worked out the kinks about six decades before I first strapped myself into a pilot's seat and launched my unsuspecting passengers into the wild blue yonder....


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Post #18: Coins, Quizzes, and Canines

Dated 13 October 2017


Okay, everyone, put your books away—it's time for a pop quiz. Who can tell me:


1) What's the UK's oldest manufacturer?

2) Who officially got the party started?

3) Where and when did it set up shop?


[cue theme from Jeopardy!]


Time's up! Did you say "The Royal Mint?" Well done—you're right on the money. (Sorry... couldn't help myself.)....


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(Story begins with Post #13)

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