Gina, Jerry Lee, and Holly on Limbo Beach, Orkney
Gina, Jerry Lee, and Holly on Limbo Beach, Orkney
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Jerry Lee and Holly in Glencoe, Scotland Jerry Lee and Holly in Glencoe, Scotland

Post #17: JL, Raleigh, and GOGGS

Dated 16 September 2017


Jerry, Mom, and I were looking at St. Margaret's Church from our vantage point in the middle of Parliament Street, but as you can probably tell, we'd have had a much better view if we'd taken a minute to wander over to Parliament Square.


Okay, I'll admit it. I've walked along Great George Street to and from St. James's Park more times than I can count, and not once did I ever take a bit of notice of St. Margaret's. Like a lot of people, I had eyes only for its big brother, Westminster Abbey (which is actually the Collegiate Church of St. Peter), looming large behind it.....


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Post #16: Jerry, Towers, and Tubes

Dated 1 September 2017


On the western end of Westminster Bridge, the clock faces of the Leaning Tower of Lilibet loomed over us as Mom and I shoved our way through the usual crowd of gawkers to give Jerry room to move. Okay, technically this is considered the north side of the Thames, but the bridge actually runs nearly straight east/west to cross the river.


It's true the tower's tilting, but it's not in immediate danger of toppling—it's only out of plumb by about 15 inches at its 315-foot-tall tip....


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Post #15: Jerry and the Bridge of Fools

Dated 18 August 2017


Once we'd trotted up the steps from the Queen's Walk—and I only had to throw one or two elbows here to get people out of Jerry's way—we were finally on Westminster Bridge, and it stopped feeling as if Scotty had beamed us down to the planet Gideon.


Now all we had to do was wend our way along the bridge and cross a few busy roads (making sure to look in the proper direction first), and Jerry would be well on his way to Buck House....


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(Story begins with Post #13)

Post #14: Keep Calm and Jerry On

Dated 3 August 2017


It's not every day you get lucky enough to see a German Shepherd walking through a major rail station, so it was a bit surprising that no one seemed to bat an eye when they caught sight of Jerry Lee in Waterloo. But then again, in London pretty much anything goes... I once saw someone in a full dinosaur costume taking a casual stroll around Richmond Park, so maybe Jerry didn't stand out as much as I thought he would.


At any rate, it was time to get him outside to run the overcrowded gauntlet of the South Bank and on his way to Buck House....


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(Story begins with Post #13)

Post #13: Mr. Lee Goes to London

Dated 20 July 2017


Have you ever gone away on holiday to stay with friends, and the minute you get there, they start dragging you around to show you the sights? If so, then you probably understand how Jerry Lee felt when he arrived in London after a week at sea crossing the Atlantic.


Admittedly, he'd had it pretty easy onboard the Queen Mary 2. Posh kennels, a bit of deck space to play on, and me, Mom, and the Kennel Master around to cater to his every whim, but he might have liked more than a couple of days to get used to life in the big city 'burbs before we plunked him on a train to take him to The Smoke....


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