Gina, Jerry Lee, and Holly on Limbo Beach, Orkney
Gina, Jerry Lee, and Holly on Limbo Beach, Orkney
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Jerry Lee and Holly in Glencoe, Scotland Jerry Lee and Holly in Glencoe, Scotland

Post #2 (p. 8): the Tour de GB: Richmond Park

12 January 2019


When you read the names Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and George Custer, what's the first word that pops into your mind? Beyond "generals," of course. Now what if you add Bernard Montgomery to that list? (Yes, another general. Besides that.)


There are probably more than a few choice words you could use to describe them, but there's one that really fits: arrogant. Each of these men was without question a courageous military leader, but each one was, equally without question, arrogant, egotistical, and insufferable to boot....


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Post #2 (p. 7): the Tour de GB: Richmond Park

15 December 2018


You know what's fun? Slogging through unintelligible legal gibberish and trying to work out what it actually means. (I particularly like reading the Federal Aviation Regulations at bedtime—there's nothing better for curing insomnia. But I digress.) So in the spirit of fun, here's a bit of legalese to get you started:


"Subject to the provisions of this section, His Majesty may by Order in Council make such Regulations... (yada yada)... [that] authorise—

(i) the taking of possession or control, on behalf of His Majesty, of any property or undertaking;

(ii) the acquisition, on behalf of His Majesty, of any property other than land...."


So stated Section 1 of the Emergency Powers (Defence) Act of 1939....


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Post #2 (p. 6): the Tour de GB: Richmond Park

17 November 2018


Have you ever said something out loud, in public, thinking it was just the right thing to say, then realised almost immediately that you were in fact completely wrong?

If so, then you might have some sympathy for British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain as he stood in front of 10 Downing Street on 30 September 1938. Just back from putting his John Hancock on the Munich Agreement with Adolph Hitler (who I assume needs no further introduction), Chamberlain proudly declared, "I believe it is peace for our time"—a comment it allegedly took him no time to regret....


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Post #2 (p. 5): The Tour de GB: Richmond Park

22 September 2018


It's a rare thing when a country ends up indebted to an enemy for starting a war, but that's exactly where Great Britain found itself in 1914. The enemy (or rather, the former enemy) in question was Paul Kruger, and the war that Britain was grateful he'd started was, of course, the Second Boer War.


So now you're probably asking yourself: why in the world would the British be thankful for a conflict they won only because they'd played exceptionally dirty pool?...


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Post #2 (p. 4): The Tour de GB: Richmond Park

25 August 2018


One of the problems with turning a smallish northern island into the world's premier superpower is that you keep having to beat up the people who already live on the land that you'd like to add to your empire collection. And the biggest problem with adding said land to your empire collection is that most of the time, those people tend to fight back.

Which means that you, as the smallish island with empire ambitions, have to have a bigger, badder military than the other guys, and the only way to get that bigger, badder military is to train it up before you ship it out. Unfortunately, sometimes that training gets in the way of the really important things on your island... like herons....


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